My Resurrected Spirit


"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree..." and others like it are templates that hurt us all. It is often used as an excuse to give up on a child. Matthew comes from generational violence and mental illness, and he believed it would be his fate as well. He spent many years on disability for mental illness, poor and isolated, and he didn't challenge these beliefs until a cancer diagnosis made him question his long-held views about himself. Eventually he found the courage within to stand up and become his true self. His struggle ended one night when he believes God affirmed him and his true gender.

He then transitioned from female to male, and this pivotal decision changed more than just his gender. Owning his truth, he found a new freedom in life.
This is a poignant story of hope, resilience and courage: the solid belief all lives are of infinite value whether anyone around a person is able to recognize this or not. It hurts us all to discount any human being. Read on; it is a powerful story of forgiveness and love.